Structural Engineering Services

A good structural engineering services provider has an acute knowledge of engineering standards, is well-trained and has well-experienced engineers to undertake conceptual, preliminary and detailed structural design projects in the areas of structural design and analysis. The vendor should also ensure that rough ideas are converted to a design that is profitable for the customer. The design should also comply with peer reviews and building legislations.

Our team brings all the above traits to the table when you choose us as your outsourcing partner. Since 1997, we have worked with global engineering firms and have accumulated a rich engineering experience in structural engineering design and development. Our strength also comes from our highly qualified team of engineers, architects, software experts and managers. Outsourcing structural engineering services can free you of valuable dollars that can be invested back into growing your business.

From design and modeling to analysis of pre-existing designs and construction documentation, we are adept at various aspects of a typical structural engineering process. Our initial emphasis will be to understand your business objectives and the industry landscape while helping you achieve reduced design cycle times and cost reductions.

Our structural engineering services include:


Industrial structures design & analysis

We have experience with industrial structures covering load bearing structures and machine foundations for vibrating equipment. Typical industry segments include but are not limited to:

  • Composite structures
  • Power generating units
  • Steel production and allied industries
  • Equipment foundations
  • Chemical plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Printing press facilities

High rise structures design & analysis

We undertake design and analysis of high-rise structures that have both commercial and residential applications.

The types of structures we cover are:

  • Steel structures
  • Composite structures
  • Prefabricated building systems
  • RCC structures

Retrofitting & rehabilitation of structures

Existing structures are evaluated and recommendations are provided for strengthening structures which have weakened. Our structural retrofitting and building rehabilitation services include:

  • Seismic retrofitting
  • Epoxy treatment
  • FRPC wrapping
  • Strength evaluation using NDT in the US
  • Rehabilitation of heritage buildings

Custom homes design & analysis

We have carried out the analysis and design of numerous custom homes in all over the World including high seismicity areas such as Greece.

  • Concrete homes
  • Steel/Composite homes
  • Timber homes
  • Masonry / RCC homes

Finite element modeling & analysis (FEM/FEA)

We carry out finite element analysis for structures by using industry standard software tools. In the design of structural components, there are a number of factors to consider, from how that structure will respond to loading conditions, to its performance under certain thermal conditions. We use FEA to test, verify, or validate a structural design and to uncover unexpected issues that might arise and be ready for their remediation if they do develop.

FEA can also be used to greatly reduce the construction lifecycle, reducing your costs and increasing turnaround time on new iterations of a given structure while ensuring that your budget is better controlled. Our goal is to provide you with the most feasible design solutions based on your design, budget and business constraints.


Unique design methodology for structural engineering

We undertake conceptual, preliminary and detailed design projects and are enabled to carry out these services by our well-trained engineers and extensive domain experience. Our structural engineers (aided by mechanical and electrical engineers) will work with your primary contact to complete the structural design package required. The structural analysis approach is modified to conform to your requirements and structural standards. This will allow the input of information in the form of an easy-to-use graphical interface and intuitive input methods such as sample AutoCAD drawings. We can also collaborate with your resident engineers to develop design standards and a communication plan that will ensure consistent, repeatable and high quality performance on all such projects, now and in the future. The end result will be complete structural detail drawings, layout of plans, elevation and section and legends in 2D or 3D formats as per requirements. The result is a seamless flow of information in the form of a graphical and tabular output.

The use of industry standard software has helped us increase our turnaround time and the accuracy of designs in each of our project engagements. Our software expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • AutoCAD
  • Next
  • WOOD
  • AutoCAD® Structural Detailing

Structural design & analysis

Industrial structures design & analysis

Steel structures

Rerair & rehabilitation of structures

Finite element modeling & analysis (FEM/FEA)

Structural detailing

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