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Whether you’re designing a tree house, engineering an espresso machine, or landscaping a French garden, the productivity matters. Seamless connection of objects reduces hassles of countless design changes.

Discover a new way of 2D drafting and innovate your everyday work with midas CAD.

Quick Drawing

This is an easier way to become a CAD master.

Information Table

Software is meant to calculate, not you.

Auto Scale

Scaling has never been easier.

Key Features of
midas CAD


When copy the original drawings to other scale sheet, it will automatically change the scale to relevant drawing scale and keep dimension and text size separately.

Multi Plotting & Export

An innovative Multi plotting function automatically plots all or selected sheets at one click into paper, PDF, DWG formats.

Match Draw

While pressing Shift key together with drawing, you can directly draw certain types of layer, color, shape, style without match properties or copy function.


Shapes as well as drawing information can be customized by your own template. Automate tables of area calculation, parking ratio, insulation, energy, etc.

MS Excel Sync

Now MS Excel data can be Inserted or embedded into CAD drawing file. You can create Excel formula table inside drawing file itself connected with drawing data.

User Line

Frequent used line types include hatch, layer, color can be saved into your workbench. You can just drag a certain pattern line from the list and draw directly.

Quick Reference

QREF allows you to manage REF drawings more efficiently and quickly. You can simply define the REF drawing like object and save into your workbench.

“CADish” Interface

Classic CAD menu and same settings, command, drawing features help you to carry the work without any learning curve.

Get the full advantage of midas CAD

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